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powered by OsCar was founded to provide business’s, organisations and individuals with a professional and user-friendly website. powered by OsCar provides you with a convenient and cost-effective way to go online. 

If you need more information about our services or wish to have a website created, please send an email to enquiries@poweredbyoscar.com.au and your website will be constructed and operational in no time!

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Premium Personalised Website Building and Connnecting Domain

When you purchase a website from Powered By OsCar, you will receive a fully customised website as well as the option of connecting it to a custom domain (if one is available), such as poweredbyoscar.com.au.

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Support on creating Social Accounts

Powered By OsCar will assist you in the creation of social media accounts on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, among others. For any questions regarding these platforms, you can send an email to Powered By OsCar, who will be happy to assist you.


Setting up Google SEO, G-Suite and Custom Email

Powered By OsCar will provide clients with the setting up of G-Suite and a custom email for your business, ie info@ or contact@. These personalized custom emails will make the clients business look more official and cause more clients to email. Your website will also have Google SEO enabled for your website to be on Google searches.


Monthly Website Analytics

Monthly, Powered By Oscar will send you an email with detailed statistics about your website, including site sessions, average visitor time on page, sessions by device, top pages by sessions, and a comparison of site visits from the prior month(s).


Support When Required

Powered By OsCar clients get precedence above everything else and will receive help or website upgrades as quickly as possible, as opposed to other providers that may need you to wait several hours or even many days for a response and assistance.

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